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Our Leadership Team

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Casey Hildebrandt

Kelly Hildebrandt
Sales Team/Consulting

Rick Hildebrandt
Sales Team/Consulting

Jose Barcenas
Plant Health Dept Manager
Sales Team/Consulting

William Powell
Head of Finances

Ethan King
Tree Care Operations Manager

Marcos Diaz
Specialty Services Manager

Sherrie Thornton
Office Manager

Edie Tunstall
Office Administrator
Customer Service

Kerrie Johnson
Office Administrator
Plant Health Dept

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    Our Crew

    We employ a great team of dedicated tree care professionals. Utilizing TCIA’s Tree Care Academy® program, we are able to credential employees according to industry standards. Each course teaches and tests for critical skills and core knowledge that tree care employees need in order to work safely and professionally. We have team members at varying levels of this program. Training is a continual process at Hildebrandt Tree Tech!