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Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning In Lubbock TX


Tree trimming and pruning is especially important in West Texas because most of the trees and plants are not endemic to the region. As a result, they will tend to grow in a manner that isn’t always conducive to the landscape – all trees and plants grow to take the best advantage of the available sunlight. The skilled hand of a professional can maximize the tree’s natural growing style, as well as the energy restrictions in that area, and merge these with what the presentation that you envision for your property.

Essentially, pruning and trimming, when done correctly, helps trees avoid the warping that can give the vegetation an unsightly appearance, while also optimizing their vertical growth. Understandably, plants will naturally tend to “go out of bounds” in an effort to grab more of the available sunlight; skillful pruning can optimize the amount of energy they get, without compromising the appearance of the property. The arborists at Hildebrandt Tree Tech have a collective decades worth of experience at tree trimming and pruning – particularly for the vegetation that comprises the West Texas landscape.

The Benefits Of A Professional Arborist

Tree trimming is as much a science as it is an art – mistakes in proper pruning can lead to irreversible damage; such that the trees may even need to be removed entirely and new growth spawned. You need an experienced trimmer who has intimate knowledge of the biology of the trees that grow in The South Plains region, so that any pruning will not adversely affect the plant’s ability to absorb sunlight. The following are some of the benefits to properly merging the desire for aestheticism with nature:

  • The elimination of eyesores such as unhealthy tree limbs – which can also be dangerous, since continued erosion can cause them to fall
  • Expert pruning will minimize the effect of decay due to pests that reside in tree bark, and the diseases that they induce
  • Endow the tree with a greater ability to protect against storms and inclement weather
  • Provide the tree with an increased ability to use the available sunlight to encourage a visually aesthetic undergrowth

How Do You Know You Need Trimming & Pruning?

Besides the obvious desire for a beautiful landscape, there are some very practical reasons for trimming & pruning. If the trees on your property have grown close to power lines, there are decayed branches hanging over your residence, or you’re looking to sell the house and maximize curb appeal – then you should give the professional arborists at Hildebrandt Tree Tech a call. We serve residential and commercial properties across West Texas and the surrounding areas.

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