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Trees Need Nutrients Too

Although many homeowners plant trees and hope for the best, there’s a better way to take care of your investment. Happy trees require nutrients for overall good heath. Tree roots spread out through your yard, fighting for water and space amidst the driveways, lawns, and other landscaping elements, which creates a competitive and stressful environment in which to grow. Fertilizers, soil amendments and root stimulants give trees the opportunity to thrive in our harsh West Texas conditions.

Trees Are Complex Organisms

Fertilizing a tree is much different than fertilizing your house plants. The tree’s root system is extensive. Simply pouring fertilizer at the base of the tree will not be effective because it will not reach most of the fibrous roots that pull nutrients into the tree. Trees need to be fertilized in the spring and as they begin to go dormant in the fall. Every soil has its own composition. Adding the right nutrients for the tree is important as well as improving the overall long term soil health with high-quality soil amendments.

Professional tree services have the technical knowledge and experience to understand how fertilizers, trees, and soils react to each other. We use many different types of fertilizers, soil amendments, biostimulants, and mycorrhizal fungi.  Our ISA Certified Arborists assess your trees for nutrient needs, disease, pests, and more to design a treatment plan that will result in happy trees!

Fertilizers Can Supplement Nutrient Deficiencies

Fertilizers provide nutrients that your trees aren’t getting from the soil. Soil quality is vital to all the plants in your yard. Lawn fertilizers generally provide limited benefit to your trees because the majority of the fertilizer is absorbed by the roots of the grass. Tree fertilizers need to be applied in a way that provides good coverage throughout the root system. We use a solution that not only includes a tree specific fertilizer that boosts the nutrients in the soil, but also includes a pH buffer that allows more nutrient availability of the fertilizer, biostimulants that increase root growth, soil amendments that improve overall soil health and a mycorrhizal fungi product that increases the tree’s ability to absorb nutrients and water.

Choose A Professional Tree Service For Beautiful Trees

West Texas can be a harsh environment for trees. Hildebrandt Tree Tech will help your trees be happy and healthy with our comprehensive fertilization programs. Don’t wait until your tree looks sad and unhealthy. We recommend a yearly routine of appropriate fertilization as a proactive measure in encouraging your tree’s health. Our ISA Certified Arborists can help your trees be happy!

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