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I started working in the tree industry as a boy with my dad, Rick, and brothers, Casey and Scottie. Taking care of trees through high school and college kept fuel in my gas tank and gave me a humble appreciation for hard work. As a walk-on receiver on the Texas Tech football team, any time I wasn’t on the field or in a classroom, I was in a tree earning an honest wage. After college and a few years of figuring out our life directions, Hildebrandt Tree Tech was created. Our dad, Rick Hildebrandt, placed a love for tree care in our hearts and minds. He is to thank for setting the wheels in place to start this whole company in motion. If Dad provided the wheels, then Casey, my older brother, put all the other components together to make this company a vehicle. Even the most pristine engine doesn’t move without proper fuel. In the early days, me and just a handful of men were the fuel. Today, we are blessed with an entire team of men and women that fuel the success of Hildebrandt Tree Tech. I hope you get the opportunity to meet some of them! Casey continues to fine tune our vehicle, I provide fuel where it’s needed most, and our dad keeps us rolling!

I’ve worked on many wonderful trees, in many places, but there was one tree that far outweighs all the others in notability. It was a red oak tree. It was knocking on the window of a beautiful woman. The woman needed the branch pruned away. That woman is now my wife, Chelsea, and the mother of my 3 children (Wyatt, Dawson and Hadley)! I have the one true God and His trees to thank for that!

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