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During the winter, we always cut our own firewood to heat our home, and I believe it was then that I took a fancy to trees. There’s something mystical about them ol’ trees. When a man gets a bit of sawdust in his blood there’s no turning back, you just love it. An old wise man told me once “Find work you love and do it. Then you will never have just a job.” He was right and the Lord knew I had a passion for these trees. I was recruited at eighteen years old into the world’s biggest tree company. I married my grade school sweetheart, Marlene, about that time also. They moved our family around this country a few times. All the while I kept learning about our urban forests. Of course, along the way I passed this knowledge to my sons. About thirty years ago we were moved to the great state of Texas. Full of great trees, people, hunting and fishing, schools, universities, and churches, what a perfect place to raise a bunch of boys!

So after close to forty years of following my passion, with the same company I started with at eighteen, I decided it was time to retire. However, Casey and Kelly had other plans. They said you’re teaming up with us and bringing your “old man” knowledge to the table. So here I am, having the time of my life, watching these two boys grow this company and contributing as much as possible along the way. I thank you all for being such faithful customers and helping us support the great people and families represented at Hildebrandt Tree Tech. May God bless all of you and your trees!

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