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The business world is an ever expanding and exciting place to be, and I was naturally drawn to it from a young age. Watching my parents operate three of their own businesses in my hometown, I was introduced to a variety of issues that businesses face daily, and I was lucky enough to be a part of finding solutions to those issues. From working in the family businesses for eight years, I gained many skills and learned much about how the correct utilization of financial principles can impact a growing company. This early foundation of knowledge was built upon during my academic years at both Eastern New Mexico University and Texas Tech University where I ultimately earned a Master of Science in Personal Financial Planning. My goal is to use the principles I have learned in both my academic and professional life to help a business operate at its highest form of efficiency and find success where others have stumbled.

​While outside of work, I try to divert my time with activities that are not so cut and dry as spreadsheets and ratios, exciting as they may sound. Building my skills as a musician and experimenting with various culinary dishes seem to be the two greatest occupants of my life away from work. I travel when I can and love to be outdoors, which makes being here at Hildebrandt Tree Tech such a nice shift away from the typical finance-related jobs one may find elsewhere. I am blessed to be part of what is happening here at Hildebrandt Tree Tech and will continue to help it grow into what we as a company know it can become.

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