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To ask me what I like to do would be asking an unanswerable question. At a very young age, I began to learn the language of music composition while excelling in guitar performance. I spent years doing this professionally and still spend much of my time learning and expanding my art. Most weekends you’ll find my freelancing for bands around the area. These bands are anywhere from cover bands to recordings artists. I have been very fortunate to have made these friends and partners throughout my career. Aside from that, I enjoy shooting/hunting, mountain biking, and cooking.

I am happily engaged to a wonderful, godly woman whom I’d be lost without. She keeps my inconsistencies in check on a daily basis.

Casey, helped me solve my quarter-life crisis by bringing me on to his company. I already enjoyed being outside and using my hands but working around trees has been a life-changing experience. What a great way to give something back by helping maintain the tree population in the area! Learning and interacting with these organisms has changed much of my predisposition towards this part of our ecosystem. I’ll henceforth, offer my time and strength towards helping these plants thrive and continue to do so while I’m able.

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