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If you want your trees to live a long and healthy life, the best thing you can do is start mulching them properly. It is probably the single most significant step you can take to keep your trees strong and beautiful throughout the years. With the right type of mulch and the correct mulching technique, your trees will benefit and thrive now and far into the future.

Numerous Benefits of Mulch

Spreading a generous layer of mulch in a ring around a tree will provide these benefits:

  • Controls temperature. Mulching can help your trees avoid dramatic temperature swings, which can be harmful. Adding or replenishing one or two inches of mulch will insulate tree roots, keeping them warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
  • Conserves water. Creating a mulch ring at least five inches away from the trunk will increase water retention and decrease surface evaporation. Since mulching reduces water consumption, it is beneficial during droughts and dry seasons.
  • Reduces weeds. Weeds can rob water and nutrients from trees. Placing a layer of mulch at least three feet in diameter will keep weed seeds from germinating by blocking the light they need to grow.
  • Adds soil nutrients. When mulch breaks down over time, it adds nutrient-laden organic matter to the soil. This significanly improves soil health and promotes healthy tree root growth.

Hildebrandt Tree Tech Offers the Right Mulch for Trees in Texas

Our tree trimming and tree removal services allow us to offer natural and healthy mulch for all your trees, gardens, and landscaping needs. Hildebrandt Tree Tech’s high-quality mulch will enhance the beauty of your landscaping and significantly improve your soil conditions. Here are a few other reasons why you may want to use our mulch:

  • We provide locally sourced mulch. We make our mulch from trees and greenery that may have lived close to you. Our professional tree experts gather debris during trimming and tree removal jobs in nearby West Texas communities.
  • We help your trees with mulch that breaks down quickly. Our mulch decomposes more readily than commercially bagged products and has earned a reputation for helping to improve tree health and soil quality over time.
  • We offer eco-friendly mulch. Whenever you purchase mulch that results from our tree trimming and removals efforts, you are both helping the planet stay healthy by keeping the cuttings out of a landfill. And ultimately, give your trees a fresh new look and the mulch another chance at life.

Easy Ways to Purchase Our Mulch

When you’re ready to get started mulching, here are two ways to obtain Hildebrandt Tree Tech mulch:

  • Pick up at HomeBase. Ask for Hildebrandt Tree Tech mulch at HomeBase (formerly called Sutherland’s). They’re located at 3701 50th St, Lubbock, TX 79413 or you can check out their website at
  • Use our delivery options. Contact us to inquire about our delivery options if you require a trailer load of 8 cubic yards or more. Our drivers will be pleased to deliver it to your home or business since we do not stock it at our location.

Hildebrandt Tree Tech for All Your Tree Needs

If you have any questions or would like more advice about mulching, call us at (806) 441-7722. Contact us today to discover how our tree experts in West Texas can help you with any tree need, from tree trimming to pruning, removal, stump grinding, and more.