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There’s no question that it’s highly beneficial to periodically prune or trim your trees, making them both safer and healthier, as well as improving their appearance. It’s good to keep in mind that tree trimming is not exactly a simple task, and if you don’t do it properly, it could cause severe damage to your trees. You’re always much better off to leave the task to professionals, so that you can avoid personal injury, as well as any harm to the trees themselves. Here are some reasons why tree trimming should be done by professionals rather than by home do-it-yourselfers.

Tree-trimming is dangerous

There is a significant risk of accidents when trimming trees, especially when climbing to reach higher branches. It’s also possible for branches to fall on you, or if a tree is situated close to your house, it could land on the house and cause some kind of damage. Professionals will have climbing gear and will be experienced in dealing with hard-to-reach branches. They are also well aware of safety measures that need to be used to avoid causing accidents to themselves or to property. Reputable tree trimming companies also carry liability insurance to protect you and your property in a worst-case scenario.

Your trees could be permanently damaged

Having some basic knowledge of trees is necessary to do a good job trimming them. Professional arborists are required to go through years of education and on-the-job training to acquire the necessary experience. If tree trimming is not done correctly, it’s very possible to create a problem that could weaken your tree, leave it looking mangled, or even hasten it’s death. It’s very common for trimming mistakes to be made by using dull tools, flush-cutting, over-pruning, and even topping the tree. Professionals understand how to avoid these pitfalls and ensure the ongoing health of your trees.

Tree-trimming is time-consuming

If you have many trees on your property, it can be quite a project to trim them all on a given weekend. It might seem like a relatively simple job, but by the time you’ve gotten through three or four trees, you’ll realize that it’s taking up a great deal more of your time than you thought. Professional arborists are not only knowledgeable about using the best methods for trimming, but they are also experts at being efficient in accomplishing their work. That means they can achieve the most amount of work in the shortest time, all while providing superior service and making sure your trees still look great and enjoy optimal health.

Contact An Arborist at Hildebrandt Tree Tech

To avoid all the hassles and time-consuming effort needed to properly trim your trees, contact us at Hildebrandt Tree Tech. Our specialists are highly experienced and skilled at providing the best trimming service in the business. You will then be able to devote your time and effort to more value-added tasks around your home.