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A common assumption among homeowners is that their trees need only sunshine and water to remain healthy. While these elements help trees grow, they also benefit greatly from an application of fertilizer in the spring and fall to enable them to withstand environmental stressors like disease and attacks by various tree pests. Hildebrandt Tree Tech offers a tree fertilization program to meet the needs of all property owners. Our fall tree fertilization program is officially underway now that September has arrived.

Soil Issues Unique to West Texas

Did you know that tree roots spread out and compete for space and water with other parts of the yard, such as the driveway and landscaping features? It can be challenging for trees to grow as they should in a competitive and sometimes hostile environment. Providing your trees with fertilizer, root stimulants, and soil amendments ensures they receive adequate nutrients to continue growing through all four seasons in healthy soil.

Utilizing a tree fertilization program designed to not only provide nutrients but also to increase overall soil health helps to improve soil conditions that allow trees to grow and remain as healthy as possible. Fertilizer and soil amendments are especially essential when turf grass or other plant materials are located in a tree’s root zone since they are all competing for the same resources. 

How to Know if Your Trees Are Unhealthy

Trees give clues that indicate they need extra care and attention to return to maximum health. The most obvious signs include

  • Foliage appears wilted
  • Leaves appear yellow, light green, or otherwise discolored 
  • Leaves have dead spots on them
  • Leaves grow smaller than they usually do
  • Tree produces fewer leaves or flowers than it usually does
  • Limited shoot growth during the growing season

Trees displaying any of these signs could likely benefit from fertilization, but not always. The tree could be diseased or have another issue that requires a different treatment approach. We encourage you to contact us for advice about sick trees to determine the right course of action.

Why the Timing of Fertilizer Application is Critical

Fall is an ideal time to apply fertilizer to your trees because up to sixty percent of a tree’s annual root growth occurs during this season. Applying fertilizer at an appropriate time of year better equips your tree(s) to fight disease and make up for nutrient deficiencies. Our fertilizer mix contains macronutrients, micronutrients, humic acid, cytokinins, mycorrhizal fungi, organic soil amendments, and a pH buffer to maximize nutrient absorption.

You may know that your tree needs fertilizer but don’t have the time to undertake the project or worry that you may not do it correctly. Hildebrandt Tree Tech is here to help. Please contact us at 806-441-7722 to schedule a consultation or with any questions you may have. You may also complete an estimate request form on our website.