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There’s still time to complete your fall deep root fertilization services before the winter months are upon us! We wanted to answer a few of the most common questions we receive about fertilizing trees in the fall. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us, and we will gladly get back to you.  

Why should I fertilize? Can’t trees survive without fertilization?

Yes! Trees can survive without fertilization. If you think about a tree existing in its natural woodland or forest environment, there would be very little need to provide supplemental nutrients. The natural ecosystem provides what is necessary. However, the urban landscape is far from a relatively undisturbed natural ecosystem.  we are growing plants and/or trees that would not naturally exist in our area, and we strip the ground of beneficial topsoils and vegetation to build developments on heavily compacted ground. A well-designed tree fertility program will provide lacking nutrients, but even more importantly, promote and improve overall soil health over time. Healthy soils make for healthy trees.

Do I “Need” to Fertilize My Trees in the Fall?

The short answer would be no. You don’t “need” to fertilize your trees in the fall. However, there is a distinct difference between trees surviving in the landscape versus thriving in the landscape. A well-designed fertilization program can help give your trees the best opportunity to thrive in our harsh West Texas landscapes.

Should I fertilize in the fall if we fertilized in the spring?

Yes! While spring fertilization includes nutrients to help encourage deep green colors, shoot growth, and overall tree health, fall fertilization is more heavily focused on promoting root growth and soil health. Did you know many trees in Texas experience up to sixty percent of their annual root growth in the fall/early winter months?  

What are the benefits of fall fertilization?

  • Helps recover nutrients in the soil lost during summer
  • Promotes root growth
  • Promotes soil health and microbial activity
  • Boosts disease resistance and stress tolerance
  • Excess nutrients are stored in the roots for immediate use the following spring

What is in Hildebrandt Tree Tech’s Fall Fertilizer blend?

Every fall application of our premium fall deep root fertilization includes (at minimum) five distinctly different products that benefit your trees.

  • pH Buffer & water conditioner – reduces the pH of the water to aid product mixing and efficacy 
  • Humic acid – increases water and nutrient holding capacity, increases nutrient availability, and improves soil structure
  • Molasses-based soil conditioner w/ nutrients – a food source for microbes, stimulates soil microbial activity, restores healthy soil biology, improves plant vigor
  • Root hormone biostimulant – encourages root growth, improves stress tolerance and nutrient uptake, improves recovery from environmental stresses
  • Blended liquid fertilizer w/ trace elements – contains over thirty raw ingredients to promote plant and soil health

Tree health really does start at the roots. A properly designed tree fertility program offers much more than just supplemental nutrients. Our goal is to improve soil and root health, giving your trees their best opportunity to thrive for many years into the future!