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Most people’s single largest purchase/investment they make in their lifetime is their home. Almost every property (residential home, commercial, farm, or ranch) has some type of outdoor landscape. The most valuable living assets in these landscapes are trees. Trees take decades to grow and mature. They add to property value, overall aesthetics, and make beneficial contributions to our environment. Yet they can be irreversibly damaged or even killed in just moments by environmental conditions, incompetent service providers, or even neglect in our harsh West Texas climate.   

Hildebrandt Deep Root Fertilization

One of the most simple and cost-effective solutions to help your trees not just survive, but also thrive, in our West Texas climate is Hildebrandt Tree Tech’s deep root fertilization service. Our blend of five premium products is backed by years of real-world results and the science to prove it. Our deep root fertilization blend improves soil quality, stimulates root growth, and provides key nutrients designed specifically for tree health.  Just like a healthy diet helps us humans fight off illness and disease, the same is true for your trees. Healthy soil, strong roots, and proper nutrients can give your trees what they need to thrive in your landscape.      

Enrolling your trees in our deep root fertilization program is as simple as calling our office or filling out our form and asking for a quote for deep root fertilization. We will send one of our professional arborists by your property to prepare your quote. Once the quote is accepted, we will contact you with the appropriate time to schedule your deep root fertilization. 

Maximize Tree Health and Longevity

Trees in our West Texas climate, particularly urban locations, have significantly higher mortality rates when weathering the extreme summer heat and cold winters. We want your beautiful trees to not just merely survive, we want them to thrive and continue to add value to your landscape for years into the future.  

A properly designed and comprehensive tree health program, including deep root fertilization, will provide your trees the best opportunity to maximize their potential in your outdoor landscape for decades, even generations! As an added bonus, there’s no better time to deep-root fertilize your trees than right now, as we enjoy the natural benefits provided by the recent rains. Rainwater enhances all the benefits of a properly designed deep root fertilization program, giving your trees maximum results. 

Let Our Arborists Keep Your Trees Happy and Healthy

Call our office now, or fill out our form, and our team of tree care professionals will help you get started with a deep root fertilization program for your trees today!

Hildebrandt Tree Tech
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